Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change

I’m very sad to announce that the funding application to have seed saving workshops failed. The main reason is the lack of commitment from others to keep the SSL going, conjugated with the costly quote from the HSL (over £3000 for 2 half day workshops). The seed library has reached a crossroads I think.
I am moving from Shetland to a croft in the North of Scotland (near Tongue) in a couple of months. I will be back in Shetland regularly (2 weeks in 6) so would still be able to carry on organising a few things, but my garden won’t be in Shetland anymore.
The SSL exists through what members make of it and after almost 3 years of existence here it is: many have borrowed seeds, a few have brought some back, fewer have brought back home-saved seeds. This is to be expected to some extent with our challenging growing conditions, but a seed library needs seeds to exist… Joining a facebook group is not enough. The way I have run and promoted the SSL may be flawed too; I have had to learn on the way and I am still learning! When the SSL was created, I didn’t know anything about seed saving (let alone running a seed library) and I had only just started growing my own in my tiny garden, in Eshaness! I read lots of books about seed saving since and have been able to experiment too. I have gained confidence. If I can do it, anyone can  But you need to want it.
I love the SSL. I love seeds. The plants are so generous: from a handful of seeds you can get dozens, hundreds! They are meant to be shared. What a wonderful tool to connect people and communities!
So here it is for this growing year: c
an some folk come forward and commit to save at least one particular variety of seed? Can we create a group of seed savers here in Shetland? We could meet and discuss how to do it properly if that helps.
This is what the SSL is about: people saving seeds.

Come on. Let’s do it! 

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