SSL First Postal Seed Swap !

SSL First Postal Seed Swap !

What better way of starting the year than participating in the first Shetland Postal Seed Swap..?

This is a postal exchange inspired from the “What You Sow” Secret Seed Swap where participants make a pretty seed packet themselves, fill it with seeds and send it to a random recipient.

To take part:
– Register by 23rd January 2017 by sending your email, name and address to:
– Work out which seeds you would like to send and gather info about them. Home saved seeds would be great but if you’ve not been able to save any, you can share favourite seeds you’ve bought which do well over here.
– Create a beautiful seed packet: unleash your imagination and get crafty! Templates can be found online.
– Once registration is closed, you will receive the name and address of another participant chosen at random.
– Send them your work-of-art packet of seeds in the post by 1st February.
– Post a picture of the seed packet you have received on the SSL Facebook page or send it to the email address above so that I can share it here for everyone to admire.
– You could post more pictures as the seeds germinate and grow to show the sender how they’re doing.

Anyone welcome to take part 🙂

A few examples over here:

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