Solanum basket

Solanum basket

I’m just back from a few weeks away to find an overgrown garden bursting with food, and even flowers..! A few carrots have bolted (rainbow ones) and the broccoli plants have produced too much for my garden-sitter to keep up with… so a few light yellow flowers are poking through the greens here and there.

I’ve started to harvest my Shetland Black tatties, gale survivors, and I’m delighted to have tomatoes left to enjoy.

These are Siberian tomatoes (from the French seed producer Kokopelli) and they’ve produced very good size fruits which taste lovely. I’ve sown them late February and the first shoot appeared a week or so later, early March. Definitely a keeper! They grew quite slowly at first in the then still cool greenhouse and just bided their time until sunny May and June came. Will squeeze some seeds out of them soon…


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